The Hardcore Wave V7 is without doubt our most complete wave board ever. Developed and inspired from the boards of Alex Mussolini, they offer the usual radical turning ability that the Hardcore has been famous for, but with added speed and performance to make them the most versatile Hardcore ever.

All the boards have been completely renewed and re-shaped from scratch. 4 new boards from the 96 lts all the way down to 70 lts. The new Hardcore v7 allows late lip hits and radical turns as if it was a surf board. Always in control and able to attack the wave.

Compared to previous V6, the new scoopline is slightly flatter through the front section giving hugely improved speed and performance, but the pronounced kick through the tail maintains the radical turning ability. The new distinctive outline comes with a fish tail and pin nose. The tail adds drive through the turns, whilst the narrow nose allows radical snaps off the top.

The new Hardcore comes with the Biaxial Innegra Carbon fibers on the deck which gives an impressive style and strength to the board. All the boards are provided with exclusive K4 for RRD fins in orange colour.

 Get ready for your ride!


4 completely new shapes: the 70/78/86 and 96 lts   

  • New scoopline: flatter in the front section: improved speed and performance; tail with pronounced kick for turning ability
  • Fish tail to add drive to the turns and pin nose to ease snaps on the top of the wave
  • New Biaxial Carbon Innegra fibers on the deck and glass bottom
  • All the boards come with 5 fin slot boxes to be able to switch from Thruster to Quad set up and are provided with exclusive K4 for RRD fins in orange colour
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RRD TWINTIP V7 LTD  (Freestyle Pro)


Our freestyle board line continues its path, every year we add new details to improve it and make it more competitive. The TwinTip V7 allows the riders to go beyond their level and perform at the highest level.

Compared to the previous v6, we have further shortened the board by 4cm. The new TwinTip LTD V7 is only 219 cm long to make it easier to be swung around during air moves. The rocker line is straight in the tail area, making the board quicker to plane. We have narrowed the width of the tail to make it faster and improve the pop. The result is a much more reactive and alive shape for better snaps and speed needed to fly higher in airmoves. The position of the front straps have been moved further inside to improve the centrality. It comes with the new Biaxial Carbon Innegra fibers on the deck which makes it stronger and more resistant to impacts.

The new freestyle board is equipped with new fin sizes, the MFC GE G10 in 20 and 21cm, which guarantees to have the speed and performance needed.

The TWINTIP V7 is a pure performance board range to support serious freestyle riders!


  • Shorter by 4cm, the board is only 219cm long and therefore easier to be swung around during air moves
  • Straight rocker line in the tail area to make the board quicker to plane
  • Narrow tail makes it faster and improves the pop
  • The front straps moved further inside to improve the centrality
  • New Biaxial Carbon Innegra fibers on the deck which is stronger and more resistant to impact
  • New fins: MFC GE G10 in 20cm and 21 cm sizes
  • New pad: 13mm Duo Density EVA pad based on a new concept of thicker EVA pads with 2x layers to improve heel comfort and obtain hi-impact resistance


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RRD H-FIRE 91 (Performance Freeride Windfoil)


Welcome to the future… We are proud to introduce you our first windsurf foil board in collection: The RRD H-fire 91.

Windfoiling is the latest and most exciting trend in windsurfing which makes you finally enjoy those light wind days and have proper fun in marginal conditions. With only 7/8 knots you will be flying over the water and cover distances that you could have only dreamed of. The H-FIRE 91 was developed in collaboration with Antoine Albeau and is designed to be used with sail sizes from 5.0 square meters and up. The board is 236 x 91cms of width, with a very wide tail area that makes it easy to get up on the foil and control it.

The 236cms length will make your learning process an easy one and will become extra functional once you will try your first jibes. The board is very handy when foiling at high speed when you need maximum control during touch downs and works well also for a standard fin ride.

Specifically designed with a FOIL FIN BOX to hold the strong forces generated from the hydrofoil mast, the sail and rider; the H-Fire 91 has all the features for a great foiling experience at any level.


– Wide Tail and Deck Shape for an easy ride while in the air or in the water
– Specific Hydrofoil resistant Deep Tuttle Fin Box, also usable with standard fins
– Full Pad for maximum comfort and grip all over the stepping area
– Middle Carry Handle for an easier transport to the water


EPS / Wood deck and bottom sandwich / Biaxial Glass 160 grams on deck and bottom / Custom made technology finish

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