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Hydrofoil Sail

Sizes: 5.8 6.4 7.0 7.6

Windsurfing has gone to another dimension - flying free of the water’s surface. Foiling is new and the Skyscape is newly

built for it. Sails for foil designs are best light, with low end grunt and superior upwind character. The Skyscape design
package includes 5 battens with 3 cams and a low outline confi guration. Skyscape sail profi le exhibits pronounced
forward orientation - augmenting the low-end grunt needed in light winds to pop up and go.
Softer & more forward-oriented batten systems with a slightly fi rmer leech perfectly match the more front-foot oriented
stance associated with foiling.
The Skyscape 2018 is pure foil efficiency.


• Unique SDM and RDM mast compatibility. Tekcam2 Large (installed) and Reduced (in sailbag) included with all sizes.
• Metallic cam interfaces – MCIs eliminate contact point degradation characteristic of cam designs without MCIs.
• Full tubed batten structure – solid stability for the upper end of the wind range.
• Xply batten pockets that alternate sail sides... using similar material for the batten pocket as the body material minimizes
the asymmetric character of applied batten pockets. Pockets made with laminates allow the batten to be centered.
These features combine to maintain rotation symmetry. In contrast, same-side dacron pockets promote assymetrical rotation.
• Streamlined neoprene boom cutout with dual zippers – limits water entry into the mast sleeve for fast recovery.
• Blade mast pocket construction - pocket sides under the tack pulley webbings for rotation ease, clean mast pocket
and longevity.
• Kevlar strip applications - profi le definition, mast pocket stability and longevity.
• Tekcam2 camber inducer design - easy rotation and gentle to your mast.

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