Duotone 2024 FreeWave SLS
Duotone 2024 FreeWave SLS

Duotone 2024 FreeWave SLS

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Patrik GT-3 Foil

Patrik GT3-Foil  (Bitte die Verfügbarkeit einzelner Größen vor Bestellung anfragen)
Freerace Foil


Directly based on our competition foil sails the GT3-Foil combines the lightness and smooth handling of a RDM sail with the locked feeling and speed of our pure racing sails. You will be amazed how light this 3-cam sail feels during the jibes or while starting. Its true racing DNA allows for a controlled and stable flight on the foil and the perfect aerodynamics of this high aspect design help to get planing and flying early. The softer and smaller mast sleeves makes the sail more forgiving and easier to waterstart as the sleeve takes less water when the sail gets dropped into the water. Camber rotation is soft and direct. On the fin this sail shines with exceptional control and balance for the advanced freerace rider while feeling light on the backhand no matter how hard the gusts are hitting. Conclusion: The GT3 is a super balanced sail with a broad range of use from foil slalom to fin freeracing.



At first sight, this sail could appear just as an "orange" version of our freeride sail but it's surely not! The GT-3 FOIL is the newest addition to the well-known PATRIK racing department and we selected the best materials accordingly. Protected inside the sleeve there is a thick 7 MIL monofilm luff panel (same as in our pure racing 4-cam sails) which provides the best stiffness for a locked profile.
Then -going towards the clew- we added a full vertical set of 5 MIL x-ply panels before the main body panels. This "stripe" helps to smooth and control the direct feeling of the cambered sails and it adds some extra resistance to this highly stressed area.
The main panels are a solid and thick 5 MIL clear monofilm (which provides best combo between weight and a good shape stability) and a 4 MIL orange tinted monofilm for the top part, where we maximize lightness and UV-resistance, since it's not needed to see through.
For the base and leech areas we kept 5 MIL x-ply materials. A real win-win mix: it gives protection to the most exposed zone of the sail and it keeps the rear edge of the sail stable and aerodynamically clean even in hi-wind choppy conditions.



It's highly recommended to use the GT3-Foil on our RDM masts. Use our black and white VISIAL TRIM INDICATORS on the batten pockets as a reference for the correct downhaul tension. By holding the rigged sail at the foot (while the top is touching the ground) the wrinkels of the loose leech should reach from the leech to the colour change on the batten pockets. Don't put significantly less downhaul tension than this as the sail body needs this tension to be stable and locked.
Use the outhaul tension to adjust the sail to your needs: 
Experienced race foilers mostly prefer a flat and locked sail with more outhaul. Alternatively the GT3 will create more power with less outhaul tension for the fin sailor.


(+- 1cm)
(+- 1 cm)
Recommended mast Compatible mast Vario top
4.0 383 157 RDM 370 – IMCS 17 SDM 380 NO
4.6 407 167 RDM 400 – IMCS 19 SDM 400 NO
5.2 429 173 RDM 400 – IMCS 19 SDM 400 NO
5.8 449 181 RDM 430 – IMCS 21 SDM 420 NO
6.4 473 187 RDM 460 – IMCS 26 SDM 460 NO
7.0 493 195 RDM 460 – IMCS 26 SDM 460 NO
7.5 515 201 RDM 490 – IMCS 30 SDM 480 NO
8.0 539 211 RDM 520 – IMCS 33 SDM 500 NO
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