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Prolimit Predator Shoe 3.0 FL Amoured Size 43/44


High performance shoe; built with our Armoured Aramid sole.
This sole is super strong and resistant against sharp mussels, coral reef and other sharp objects.
Built on our OCL last for better fit and performance.

Arch Velcro Adjusment strap 

Water Repellant coating 
Footlock Arch Control 
Stretch aligned Panels 
Heel Lock reinforcement 
Segmented Torsion Sole 
Armoured Aramid Sole 
OCL last 
Flatlock construction

37/38, 39, 40/41, 42, 43/44, 45, 46/47
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MYSTIC Sitztrapez Mecto Boa Seat Harness XL

MYSTIC Sitztrapez Mecto Boa
​Size: XL

Mystic Sitztrapez Boa Seat Harness

Technical Features
•Soft neoprene edges
•Spreader protector
•Double power leash ring
•Battle belt waist closure
•BOA micro adjustment system, for anatomical back support
•Triple padding construction
•Heavy duty seat part
•Multi Clickerbar 3.0 / Low Torque fixation
•3D moulded inner shape
•Comfort Legstraps

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Choco Fins 2016 Weedwave 22cm Powerbox
Einzelstück aus Deko, 22cm Powerbox!

Loose the Weeed...

Seaweed is something you really don’t want when you windsurf. But often there is no other option then to go out windsurfing, knowing there is seaweed. Our goal was to improve weedsailing, so we created a new fin concept that guarantees fun even in the worst seaweed conditions. We have a range of four sizes with individually developed styles. Made of high quality G10 and CNC foiled.

Size separates the boys from the men:

22cm G10 PowerBox 4.0-6.0m2

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