Severne Boards PREDATOR



The Predator is a dedicated windsurfing foil board. More aggressive than the Alien, it is designed to carve, jump and rotate on the foil.

Available in 4 sizes to suit a range of riders. Length is kept short on all sizes to reduce the lift required to keep it flying and also to increase maneuverability. Premium construction keeps the weight significantly below industry standard for real performance.

Designed to be ridden with both feet in the straps during moves, or with the back foot out on the rail when blasting. Inserts are only inboard for the back foot – this forces the rider to keep their weight directly over the foil when jumping or loading up the foil, and massively reduces leverage and the chance of breakages. As a true windsurf board, a deep-tuttle box is used for reliability, consistency, and ease of use. Excess inserts and finboxes have been eliminated, increasing simplicity and reducing weight.

Match the Predator with a FoilFreek for the ultimate combo. Larger Freek sizes also open up a world of carving and 360s’ in lighter winds for any size rider. Easily accessible to the intermediate foiler, the higher volume boards are also realistic for the motivated freestyler getting into foiling for the first time.


95 185 64 6,51 FoilFreek/ Freek 4.0 to 5.2 Deep tuttle foil box <85
110 190 68 6,94 FoilFreek/ Freek 4.4 to 6.3 Deep tuttle foil box <95
125 195 72 7,51 FoilFreek/ Freek 4.8 to 7.0 FoilGlide Deep tuttle foil box <105
145 200 76 8,0 FoilFreek/ Freek 5.2 to 8.0 FoilGlide Deep tuttle foil box <115

Weight tolerance; (+/- 5%)


FoilFreek + + + + +  
Freek + + + +  
FoilGlide + + + Smaller sizes work better on Predator
Blade + + Use more mast extension to raise clew height/less downhaul
S-1 + + Use more mast extension to raise clew height/less downhaul
Gator + Smaller sizes work better on Predator
NCX -  
Turbo -


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Severne Boards ALIEN


Freeride Foil


Purely designed as a windsurf foil board, the Alien enables all the variables to work in harmony and move beyond simply balancing on a foil to WINDSURFING on a foil. A functional foil board with refined details that makes foiling both accessible AND desirable. 

The Alien development program was initiated when the disappointment of bolting a hydrofoil to a normal windsurf board was realized. By analyzing and gaining a deep understanding of the new variables that foiling introduced, we saw that specific foil-oriented equipment was required to elevate the experience to a true windsurfing sensation; blasting in control and carving turns rather than balanced on top, nervously trimming. 

The differences between the Alien and a normal freeride are many; shape, length, rocker, stance, pretty much everything. But this new geometry works in conjunction with the foil and rig to deliver balance, and a new windsurfing world to any competent windsurfer. It opens up more locations to windsurf, and can double or triple your days on the water. 

Stable enough for your first flights, the Alien has the considered details to deliver performance so as not to be outgrown.

Available in two constructions;

  1. Custom precision technology – A performance oriented custom construction that prioritises high resolution shape accuracy, responsiveness, high weight consistency, and the use of high end materials.
  2. Moulded technology – A durable construction that makes use of traditional moulding techniques, and a faster lead time to prioritise cost efficiency.
ALIEN SIZES 105, 115, 125, 155 120, 145
CONSTRUCTION PROCESS CNC Custom Technology (Hand shaped after each lamination) Molded Technology (faster process)
MATERIALS Biax Carbon and Biax Glass technology Glass and Carbon construction
ORIENTATION High definition and shape accuracy Cost efficiency
WEIGHT/STRENGTH RATIO Higher weight consistency (+/- 3.5%) Maximum strength and durability orientated
VALVE Gore-Tex Air vent Gore-Tex Air vent

105 190 65 Deep tuttle foil box Freek 4.0 to 5.6 / FoilGlide 5.0 to 6.0 7.2 <85 Custom precision
115 200 70 Deep tuttle foil box Freek 4.4 to 5.9 / FoilGlide 5.0 to 7.0 7.3 <95 Custom precision
120 205 74 Deep tuttle foil box Freek 4.8 to 6.3 / FoilGlide 5.0 to 7.0 7.5 <105 Moulded
125 210 75 Deep tuttle foil box Freek 4.8 to 6.3 / FoilGlide 5.0 to 7.0 7.7 <110 Custom precision
145 210 80 Deep tuttle foil box Freek 4.8 to 6.3 / FoilGlide 5.0 to 8.0 8.3 <115 Moulded
155 215 85 Deep tuttle foil box Freek 4.8 to 6.3 / FoilGlide 5.0 to 8.0 8.8 <120 Custom precision

Weight tolerance; (+/- 5%)

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pd Patrik Boards Foil Move
2024 Foil Move 


The FoilMove is a more advanced shape for windsurfers who want a foilboard in between a FoilStyle and a FoilRide. The narrow shape is harder to control but at the same time easier to jump and of course more aerodynamically stable in strong winds. Cutouts allow for active pumping and earliest flight even on wave and freeride foil sails. Enjoy the FoilMove with smaller sails in any windspeed from 10 to 30 knots and any conditions from flatwater to waves. If it's speedruns, foiltacks, flying 360s, jumps, foilloops... the FoilMove is your new weapon of choice. It works best with light wave or freemove sails like our 5Wave and X-Cross or our pure foil freeride sail RideFoil. Chose a narrow foil that suits the tailwidth well like our 1100 or 900 A.I.O. frontwings.


Size Length Width Volumen Fin box B‌oard bag
 105 195 65 105  Foil-DTB Foil S
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pd Patrik Boards Foil Ride
2024 Foil Ride


The FoilRide is the easiest to ride out of our five (!) pure foil boards, the FoilCompV2, the FoilRace, the FoilRide, the FoilMove and the FoilStyle.
It's a little narrower in the tail than the FoilRace and the FoilComp. The FoilRide doesn't have cutouts which makes the accelleration more even, easier to control and more stable. Usually freeriders don't use a lot of rake on the foil mast so the additional sinking of the tail as a scondary result of the cutouts is not needed to give the foil a positive angle of attack. It's way more important to give the rider the confidence and safety to gain trust in foiling quickly and improve from session to session.
Of course our cutouts design have the more agressive accelleration and get to the flight earlier but at the same time the passive accelleration (without pumping sail and board) is really impressive on the FoilRide. The mastrack doesn't come with the deck recess, which is not needed in freeriding, so the board is less vulnerable to deck damage while you're learning to master the foil. The advanced aerodynamics of this board will give you the smoothest and easiest ride on a windfoil you can possibly imagine. 

The wider the board the earlier the flight and the easier the jibes. The narrower the board the better the aerodynamics in strong winds resulting in a more controlled flight.


Size Length Width Volume Straps Fin box Sail Range Board Bag
114 210 70 114 ‌4 Foil-DTB 3.2 - 6.6 ‌FOIL M
‌131 ‌215 76 131 4‌ ‌Foil-DTB 4.0 - 7.8 ‌FOIL 91
‌147 ‌220 82 147 4‌ ‌Foil-DTB 4.2 - 8.4 ‌FOIL 91
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pd Patrik Boards Foil Race
2024 Foil Race (made in Ukraine by Airinside)


The FoilRace is the easier little sister of our pure foil competition machine FoilCompV2. It is able to match the FoilComp's race performance by 98% but is a little more rider friendly than its competition equivalent.
As said before the outline and concept is very close and similar to the FoilCompV2 but less extreme in the details. The cutouts are designed to favour passive accelleration a little better than on the FoilCompV2. They still allow for active pumping and sinking of the tail with raked foils. If you are looking for one foil board to cover any flatwater conditions from freeride to racing this board is for you.


Size Length Width Volumen Fin box Sail Range B‌oard bag
125 210 76 125 Foil-DTB 3.6 - 7.2 ‌FOIL M
‌145 210 83 145 Foil-DTB‌ 4.0 - 8.4 F‌OIL L
‌165 210 89 165 Foil-DTB‌ 5.0 - 10.0 F‌OIL 91
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