Neil Pryde 2023 Mast SPX 95 SDM
Neil Pryde 2023 Mast SPX 95 SDM

Neil Pryde 2023 Mast SPX 95 SDM

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Neil Pryde 2023 FREE FLIGHT

FREE FLIGHT.   Bitte verfügbare Größen VOR Bestellung anfragen. Es sind nicht immer alle Größen auf Lager.

Our first dedicated foil freeride sail. Ultra-light weight, early flying. Optimum efficiency to get the most out of every foil session, allowing you to use the smallest sail possible.

4 battens and 1 mini cam (2 on the 6.6) make for the lightest possible feeling while maintaining stability. A short boom and tight leech get you flying as early as possible and feeling weightless over the foil.

Extremely Early Flight

Free Flight is designed to get you up on the foil as quickly as possible, allowing you to use a tiny sail relative to the wind speed.

Tight Leech

Since there is less need for wind release in the leech during foiling, Free Flight takes advantage of the added power and stability gained by a tight leech design. This also allows you to use a smaller sail. 

Foil Specific Foot Shape

Due to the more upright sailing position when foiling, the foot area of Free Flight is increased to allow you to close the gap when foiling with an upright sail position. This maximizes performance and efficiency.

4 Batten Layout

4 batten layout to provide a stable base and light weight.

1 o 2 Mini Cams

Smaller sizes feature 1 mini cam for optimum profile stability vs weight ratio. The 6.6 uses 2 mini cams to add extra stability in the lower portion of the sail in this sail's biggest size.

Foil Specific Use

Designing this sail specifically for foiling allows us to provide maximum foil-specific benefits to take advantage of all the possible efficiency gains available to sails which do not need to cater for fin use.


M2 CM CM CM KG          
4.8 416 161 16 TBC 4 1 400 RDM   Fixed Head
5.7 446 177 16 TBC 4 1 430RDM 430SDM Fixed Head
6.6 479 190 20 TBC 4 2 460SDM 460RDM Fixed Head
829,00 EUR
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