Patrik Sails Race-HA

Patrik Sails Race-HA

3-4 Tage 3-4 Tage (Ausland abweichend)
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Patrik pd GT-3 FRC 3-Cam Freerace
Patrik GT3-FRC (Bitte die Verfügbarkeit einzelner Größen vor Bestellung anfragen)

The GT3-FRC is the little sister of our competition slalom sail RaceSF. Many updates and modifications make this sail light and easy in your hands. At the same the GT3 doesn't lose its racing DNA. Fabio Canella and Patrik Diethelm gave it a more narrow mastsleeve while mainly keeping the original panels of the RaceSF. The softer mastsleeve material makes the sail more alive and a little more forgiving. Designed to work best on RDM masts, this sail will ship with a second set of cambers so it can be rigged on SDM too.



(+- 1cm)
(+- 1 cm)
Best mast Vario top
5.0 411 171 RDM 370 – IMCS 17 NO
5.6 429 181 RDM 400 – IMCS 19 NO
6.2 447 187 RDM 430 – IMCS 21 NO
6.8 465 195 RDM 430 – IMCS 21 NO
7.4 485 201 RDM 460 – IMCS 26 NO
8.0 511 205 RDM 490 – IMCS 30 NO
8.6 535 211 RDM 490 – IMCS 30 NO


At first sight, this sail could appear just as an "orange" version of our freeride sail. But it's not! The GT-3 FRC is the true entry to the well-known PATRIK racing department and we selected the best materials accordingly.

Protected inside the sleeve there is a thick 7 MIL monofilm luff panel (same as in our pure racing 4-cam sails) which provides the best stiffness and a locked profile.

Then -going towards the clew- we added a full vertical set of 5 MIL x-ply panels before the main body panels. This "stripe" helps to smooth and control the direct feeling of the cambered sails and it adds some extra resistance to this high stressed area.

The main panels are a solid and thick 5 MIL clear monofilm (which provides best combo between weight and a good shape stability) and a 4 MIL orange tinted monofilm for the top part, where we maximize lightness and UV-resistance, since it's not needed to see through.

For the base and leech areas we kept 5 MIL x-ply materials. A real win-win mix: it gives protection to the most exposed zone of the sail and it keeps the rear edge of the sail stable and aerodynamically clean even in hi-wind choppy conditions.


With the true DNA of a competition slalom sail, the GT3 needs the same downhaul than a modern racing sail. Use the colour prints on the batten sleeves as an indicator for the right amount of loose leech. Only with the open leech the sail will show it's full potential.

‌ KARIN JAGGI (24x World Champion)
"Sometimes the raw power of a pure competition sail is simply too much. With this sail I can have the same speed, same control but a way easier handling. The sailing is less physical and I might even be faster than on a competition slalom sail in the end. I recommend the GT3 to any rider who wants to be the fastest at the spot with a smile on his face."


"Sometimes the impossible is possible. This sail is super fast with almost the same high-end control than the RaceSF but with a much easier handling. Try it for yourself and you won't believe how stable and fast it is!"

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Severne Foil Glide 3 2024

Foil Glide III

(Bitte die Verfügbarkeit einzelner Größen vor Bestellung anfragen, es sind nicht immer alle Größen auf Lager)


The FoilGlide 3 is NOT just a freeride sail with ‘Foil’ written on it… Specifically designed for foiling with focus on the following points;



This is one of the most important characteristics. And we do lightweight sails better than anyone.


Increases leverage for efficiency. Improves pumpability. 


Reduced draft movement means there’s less influence on trim. Better to keep everything constant. Cams keep the sail profile stable and minimize any movement.


Better control. The shorter boom length allows you to adjust your stance easily.
After the success of our foil racing sail, the HyperGlide, we have created a user-friendly freeride version – the FoilGlide. Sharing a lot of technology and ideology these sails are the ultimate for foiling.

The high-aspect design is more stable, more efficient, and more controllable. The shorter boom lengths are easy to manage, and position the Centre of Effort directly above the foil. Combined with a tighter leech, the leverage is increased which gets you up and foiling with a smaller sail in lighter winds.

With only 5 battens and lightweight construction, the physical weight of these sails is significantly less than other sails. For foiling this makes maintaining trim much easier, and just a lot more fun to use.

The FoilGlide is THE choice for freeride foiling.


FoilGlide 3 Luff Boom Battens Cambers Weight Head Recommended Mast Mast alternative Recommended Boom Alternative Boom Extension
4.0 401 160 5 3 x RDM 3.02 FIXED RDM RED 400 RDM BLUE/GORILLA 400 Enigma 160 METAL 160 Triple X
5.0 430 170 5 3 x RDM 3.32 FIXED RDM RED 430 RDM BLUE/GORILLA 430 Enigma 160 METAL 160 Triple X
6.0 462 183 5 3 x RDM 3.68 FIXED RDM RED 460 RDM BLUE/GORILLA 460 Enigma 160 METAL 160 Triple X
7.0 488 203 5 3 x RDM 4.04 FIXED RDM RED 460 RDM BLUE/GORILLA 460 Enigma 160 METAL 160 Triple X
8.0 492 211 5 3 x RDM 4.33 FIXED RDM RED 460 RDM BLUE/GORILLA 460 Enigma 170 METAL 170 Triple X
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Patrik pd Verlängerung X-Tension Alu SDM Extension
Patrik SDM Aluminium Verlängerung Alloy Extenison

Standard SDM


2-32cm Verstellbereich
2-48cm Verstellbereich

​Carbon Verlängerung auf Nachfrage
ab 129,00 EUR
Severne Mast RDM Red
RDM Red 100%


Utilizing the highest quality T800 carbon from Toray, the RDM Red is one of the lightest masts available today whilst still being light enough for wave use. Adds incredible performance to all wave and freestyle sails.

370 (I.I5kg) / 400 (I.3kg) / 430 (I.5kg) / 460 (I.65kg)

/ ULTRALIGHT (1.3kg FOR 400)

ab 760,00 EUR