Aeron Gabelbäume

Aeron 2018 Gabelbaum MCT 26 160-210cm
Nur noch in 160-210cm lieferbar!

Aluminium Gabelbaum mit 26mm Holmstärke und ergonomischer Biegelinie.
Bitte beachten: Die 130cm, 140cm und 150cm Variante hat ein reines RDM Kopfstück.
Die Größen 160cm und 175cm haben ein SDM Kopfstück mit RDM Adapter. 

Aeron MCT 26 Boom 26mm

Aeron MCT 26 Alloy Boom Light reduced diameter alloy boom for all levels


Size 130cm, 140cm and 150cm with RDM Frontend.
Size 160cm and 175cm with SDM Frontend and RDM Adapter.

Loop, loop, go! rear outhaul cleat - so simple!
Reduced diameter grip - Total inc grip onlt 29mm

Aeron Continuous T8 Alloy Tapered Multi-Fit Booms
Aeron introduces possibly the stiffest alloy boom on the market. With specialized alloy tempering process, we have arrived at the optimal strength - stiffness ratio and still getting a reduced diameter of just 26mm including the EVA grip.
Implementing the tapering technology with the newest ergonomic bends , the result is enhanced rig control and feel that has to be experienced to be believed. The stiffness of these Aeron booms is incredible and sets a new standard for alloy booms.

160-210cm SDM mit RDM Adapter
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