Unifiber Neoprene Repair Kit

Unifiber Neoprene Repair Kit

Eine Tube Kleber (30ml), Pinsel und diverse kleine Patches zur Neopren Reparatur


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Starboard Front Wing 1000 C300 Evolution
Starboard Hydrofoil Front Wing 1000 C300 Evolution
Carbon Frontwing 1000 Evolution C300

NEW FOR 2022


All front wings have been upgraded to fit the new Evolution fuselages.

Wing by wing, which sizes have updated shapes?


1000 Millennium Evolution Same shape
900 Evolution New shape with thinner tips
800 Evolution New shape with thinner tips
725 Evolution Same shape
650  Evolution Same shape
575  Evolution All-new wing, replacing the outgoing 550.
Freeride 1100 Evolution Same shape
SuperFlyer 1300 Evolution All-new wing, based on the E-Type 1300 wing foil
SuperCruiser 1700 Evolution Same shape as the outgoing Wave 1700


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