Severne Mast RDM Red
Severne Mast RDM Red

Severne Mast RDM Red

3-4 Tage 3-4 Tage (Ausland abweichend)
760,00 EUR

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Dakine Harnessline Set FIXED Lines Windsurf Trapeztampen White
Fixed Trapeztampen von Dakine

Dakine Fixed Line windsurf harness 8-prestretched FSE Robline® rope has repeatedly proven to be particularly powerful and reliable in the toughest conditions.
Due to the robust Polyurethane hose coating Dakine Fixed Line rope is extremely resistant strain.
Gabelbaumpads non-slip material provide security and allow you optimal control over your rig.


  • 8-fold pre-stretched FSE Robline® rope
  • high density and stable polyurethane hoses
  • Anti-slip boom pads
  • Fixed size
29,95 EUR