pd Patrik Boards f-cross (Freecross Freestyle Wave)
pd Patrik Boards f-cross (Freecross Freestyle Wave)

pd Patrik Boards f-cross (Freecross Freestyle Wave)

3-4 Tage 3-4 Tage (Ausland abweichend)
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Patrik pd Wing Pumpe
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pd Patrik Boards f-ride (Freeride)
2024 f-ride Freeride 


This board is the remedy for everyone frustrated by wide-body boards that simply don't work for everyone. The F-Ride might be the longest freeride board on the market. Wide-body boards surely have their benefits but from our understanding the intermediate freerider does not benefit too much from the extra width so why should we make the same mistake? So here comes our F-Ride. The extra length on the flat area under the straps makes the board more stable and more foregiving. Additionally the passive planing (no pumping) improves significantly. The narrower width makes it easier to step into the straps and have both legs balanced in a comfortable sailing position.

Don't mistake the extra length with being slow or lame. The F-Ride actually is planing early, accelleration well and carries a massive speed potential while being super forgiving at the same time. The big success of this board has proven us right. Loved by hundreds of windsurfers around the globe this board will take your freeriding to the next level!




Colourful but clean. Italian design by Fabio Canella makes this board a timeless classic. 
The 6mm thick diamond groove grip pad has an extra 6mm soft sponge under-layer
which makes it 12mm in total and most importantly very, very comfortable.


Extra longer flat between the straps for better passive planing, more stability, easier tacking and jibing and a very fun and forgiving ride.

Volume distribution:

An almost even foot position height under both foot straps makes the riding and going upwind feel easy, balanced and almost effortless.


The more stretched out outline with more parallel rails allows for easy starting, early passive planing, more drive in the jibes, easier tacks and a surprising top speed.

Bottom Shape:

Double concaved V with stabilizing side flats from nose to the front strap to absorb the chop and give it a comfortable ride and then blending into a flat panel V all the way to the tail for all-round cruising stability and easy rail-to-rail transitions in manoeuvres.

Rails / Tuck:

The boxy rails create a maximum width stable floating board in non-planning conditions. Also through the jibes the rail will float nicely and the board will keep its momentum. The sharp tail edges give the  cleanest water release for best planning and acceleration performance.

Deck Shape:

Both strap positions are designed to have enough dome and curve to have a comfortable stance when using any of the inside or outside positions. Enjoy are comfortable and controlled ride.

Fin box & inserts:

Deep Tuttle Foilbox. Inside and outside strap position on both straps with an extra center strap options in the tail area for beginners. Each insert has 4-positions for individual settings.


For this board the blind testing with plain white boards proved that our Biax glass fibre is the choice over the Carbon construction. The explanation is rather simple. The carbon fibres are hard and stiff and hard and forward the vibration and hits of the chop much more into the rider's body while the biax glass fibre gives you that extra flex and absorbs most of the vibration for a more comfortable and controlled ride. This extra control results in better top speeds. Most riders proved to be faster on this construction in head to head speed tests.


  Length Width Volume Tail Width
at 300
Nose Width
at 2000
Options &
Insert Holes
Fin Box Board bag
F-RIDE 125 2515 675 125 443 583 TBC 8X4 4 Foil deep tuttle ‌L
F-RIDE 135 2525 715 135 479 624 TBC 8X4 4 Foil deep tuttle L‌
F-RIDE 145 2535 755 145 512 668 TBC 8X4 4 Foil deep tuttle L‌
F-RIDE 155 2545 795 155 543 714 TBC 8X4 4 Foil deep tuttle X‌L



2.399,00 EUR
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