Patrik pd Verlängerung X-Tension Alu RDM Extension
Patrik pd Verlängerung X-Tension Alu RDM Extension

Patrik pd Verlängerung X-Tension Alu RDM Extension

3-4 Tage 3-4 Tage (Ausland abweichend)
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Patrik pd GT-3 FRC 3-Cam Freerace
Patrik GT3-FRC (Bitte die Verfügbarkeit einzelner Größen vor Bestellung anfragen)

The GT3-FRC is the little sister of our competition slalom sail RaceSF. Many updates and modifications make this sail light and easy in your hands. At the same the GT3 doesn't lose its racing DNA. Fabio Canella and Patrik Diethelm gave it a more narrow mastsleeve while mainly keeping the original panels of the RaceSF. The softer mastsleeve material makes the sail more alive and a little more forgiving. Designed to work best on RDM masts, this sail will ship with a second set of cambers so it can be rigged on SDM too.



(+- 1cm)
(+- 1 cm)
Best mast Vario top
5.0 411 171 RDM 370 – IMCS 17 NO
5.6 429 181 RDM 400 – IMCS 19 NO
6.2 447 187 RDM 430 – IMCS 21 NO
6.8 465 195 RDM 430 – IMCS 21 NO
7.4 485 201 RDM 460 – IMCS 26 NO
8.0 511 205 RDM 490 – IMCS 30 NO
8.6 535 211 RDM 490 – IMCS 30 NO


At first sight, this sail could appear just as an "orange" version of our freeride sail. But it's not! The GT-3 FRC is the true entry to the well-known PATRIK racing department and we selected the best materials accordingly.

Protected inside the sleeve there is a thick 7 MIL monofilm luff panel (same as in our pure racing 4-cam sails) which provides the best stiffness and a locked profile.

Then -going towards the clew- we added a full vertical set of 5 MIL x-ply panels before the main body panels. This "stripe" helps to smooth and control the direct feeling of the cambered sails and it adds some extra resistance to this high stressed area.

The main panels are a solid and thick 5 MIL clear monofilm (which provides best combo between weight and a good shape stability) and a 4 MIL orange tinted monofilm for the top part, where we maximize lightness and UV-resistance, since it's not needed to see through.

For the base and leech areas we kept 5 MIL x-ply materials. A real win-win mix: it gives protection to the most exposed zone of the sail and it keeps the rear edge of the sail stable and aerodynamically clean even in hi-wind choppy conditions.


With the true DNA of a competition slalom sail, the GT3 needs the same downhaul than a modern racing sail. Use the colour prints on the batten sleeves as an indicator for the right amount of loose leech. Only with the open leech the sail will show it's full potential.

‌ KARIN JAGGI (24x World Champion)
"Sometimes the raw power of a pure competition sail is simply too much. With this sail I can have the same speed, same control but a way easier handling. The sailing is less physical and I might even be faster than on a competition slalom sail in the end. I recommend the GT3 to any rider who wants to be the fastest at the spot with a smile on his face."


"Sometimes the impossible is possible. This sail is super fast with almost the same high-end control than the RaceSF but with a much easier handling. Try it for yourself and you won't believe how stable and fast it is!"

ab 999,00 EUR
Patrik pd Mast C100% RDM
Patrik Mast C100% RDM (Bitte Verfügbarkeiten vor Bestellung anfragen. Es sind derzeit nicht immer alle Größen sofort lieferbar)


MODEL Length Diameter Carbon Curve IMCS
RDM C 100% 370 RDM 80% Constant 17
  400 RDM 80% Constant 19
  430 RDM 80% Constant 21
  460 RDM 80% Constant 26
  490 RDM 80% Constant 29
ab 609,00 EUR
pd Patrik Boards f-race (Freerace)
2024 f-race Freerace 


Most brands simply re-use old slalom models and reduce the size of the cutouts and set the straps more inboard and introduce this as the latest freerace design. Our development was done together with purely dedicated free-racers and some pro-riders who were amazed by the performance in powered conditions against pure competition slalom boards. The slightly longer flat under the straps is the key feature for this shape and makes the board plane earlier and ride more stable and safer in rough conditions. With the smaller cutouts it's less loose and easier to control. Wanna go super fast without killing yourself on a competition slalom board? - The PATRIK F-Race is the perfect board for you!

- Modified computer-optimised cutout contours for reduced drag, better waterflow, more accelleration and more topspeed.
- Optimised strength-to-weight ratio and new graphics by Fabio Canella




Colourful but simple and clean. This design is a timeless classic.
The 4mm thick diamond groove grip pad has an extra 6mm soft sponge under-layer which makes it a total of 10mm. It gives you a good connection to the board and enough shock absorbance to protect board and bones.


The slightly extra longer flat between the straps makes the board more stable and does not react to foot pressure as quickly as slalom and is, therefore, more forgiving and keeps it speed more constant.

Volume distribution:

Even foot position for maximum performance and balanced body position. The thickness in the front strap to the nose is reduced for its lightweight while still keeping enough for flotation in non-planning conditions.


The outline is identical to the same board width size as the Slalom but is extended in the center to the extra length. The slightly more parallel outline effect into a bit more stability.

Bottom Shape:

The double concaved V with stabilizing side flats from the nose to the front strap absorbs the chop and gives a comfortable ride. The flat panel V under the straps is releasing the water on the upwind rail when the board is pushed onto the leeward rail and therefore increases acceleration and speed and makes the board maneuver controlled trough the jibes.

Rails / Tuck:

The boxy rails in the strap area are comfortable and powerful to push against the fin and drive the board up to top speed and let it fly over the chop. The rails in front of the straps towards the nose are very boxy in comparison to the thickness and let the water flow of the rail low with the least friction.

Deck Shape:

A flat deck through the whole board is a stable platform in non-planning conditions and jibes.

Fin box and inserts:

Short Tuttle box for 100, 110 and the Deep Tuttle Foil box for 120, 130, 140, 150. Inside and outside strap position on in front and in the back with every 4x holes for individual settings.



For this board instead of the Biax Carbon used on the Slalom boards the dedicated Freeracer wished for a more impact-proof material and the full Carbon/Kevlar is just the right material for lightness and extra strength. On the bottom the decision was clear and the more comfortable ride with the Biax Glass is no doubt the right choice.



  Length Width Volume Tail Width
at 300
Nose Width
at 2000
Options &
Insert Holes
Fin Box ‌Board bag
F-RACE 100 2375 600 100 401 495 6,25 8X4 4 Tuttle Box ‌M
F-RACE 110 2380 650 110 436 533 6,67 8X4 4 Tuttle Box M‌
F-RACE 120 2380 700 120 493 582 7,33 8X4 4 Deep Foil Box L‌
F-RACE 130 2355 750 130 524 604 7,67 8X4 4 Deep Foil Box L‌
F-RACE 140 2355 800 140 559 635 8,02 8X4 4 Deep Foil Box X‌L
F-RACE 150 2340 850 150 581 671 8,42 8X4 4 Deep Foil Box X‌L


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Aeron Tendon Base EUR-Pin (North-Pin)
Aeron Tendon Base

Griffige Sternplatte, weiche Oberfläche, gutes Handling bei jedem Wetter.
Extra heavy duty mit Tendon Sehne, für Wave und Race.

The ( new ) Aeron Tendon base combines a TPU insert over-mold
With an ergonomic shape for optimal tightening and loosening
And minimal effort
Statt 69,00 EUR
Nur 60,00 EUR
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